Arok Hill ~”Kum Home”

As some of you may know, Arok recently decided to take a little break from music for the past few months. As he’s now returned from break and is back at it again with his first Single release and has put together a special treat for everyone, as it’s the perfect anthem for everyone to vibe out to on this Valentine’s Day. “Kum Home” gives off an R&B/ Soulful type vibe and it’s also a very HOT and sexy jam. This track is soft, very smooth, tight, dope yet most of all, it’s very spicy. In this song Arok talks about a girl and about wanting to leave the arguments alone and how he can’t wait for her to come home. Also in this track he also talks about some things he wants to do with this special girl when she gets home. 😉 This track is NOT for kids as EXPLICIT LANGUAGE IS ADVISED!!! Check it out now, vibe out and get things all spiced up for you and your significant other on this Valentine’s Day and enjoy!!!


Arok Hill ~ “Driven 2” – The Album

Today, October 23rd, 2021 Arok released an all new brand new album which is volume 2 of Driven the album. As the first Driven album is already such an incredible motivational album filled with flaming hot, dope, great music. Arok just continues taking things UP to newer and higher levels and in Driven 2 Arok does just that!! As Driven 2 the album is pure fire from beginning to end.  Arok goes in and goes extremely hard throughout this entire album, kills it as well as puts in the work on this project. Driven 2 the album is filled with nothing but banger anthems. Driven 2 the album is a mixture of African style type vibes and freestyle type music and vibes. Check it out now, see for yourself, vibe out and enjoy!! 


Arok Hill ~ “Count Me Out” (Official Music Video)

“Count Me Outis now not only the third hit Single but it’s also the third music video that Arok has released that comes from his latest album called “Exit 919. This video was Produced by Backendmedia. This video gives out a chill kinda vibe yet Arok still does his thing and kills it in this video. This video still goes hard, it’s fire, tight and it’s dope. Arok is ALWAYS putting in that work into EVERYTHING he does!!! Check it out now, give it a watch, vibe along and enjoy!!!


Arok Hill ~ “Level Up” Official Music Video

Today is the day, the day we’ve ALL been waiting for is finally here!! Today is the day, that Arok releases his brand new flaming HOT Music Video for “Level Up” forthcoming from his latest album “Exit 919. This video is such a masterpiece of a movie as it was Shot by 2800 Films. In this video Arok, his Teammates, and friends are stylin’ and profilin’ in his very own Clothing Drivenclo Apparel. Arok and the team gives out much love and appreciation to those who are starring in this video: Jurt, DJ DrkMttr, TV Scooty, RASTAA slimey, Scotty The Foolie, Royal Lif3 Media , Driven Records and Driven Studios . This video goes so HARD and is pure FIRE as Arok, his Teammates, and Friends turn it UP in this video and of course they take it a LEVEL UP and did their thing with this one. Give it a watch, check it out now, see for yourself, catch a vibe, and sing along. If this video doesn’t get you turned UP and hype by the end, then Arok and the Team aren’t sure what will?!! 😉 We hope you all enjoy!!!


Arok Hill ~ Get Naked

“Get Naked” is the first Single released forthcoming from Arok’s Brand NEW Album called “Exit 919″ dropping this Friday, December 18th 2020!!! This track gives a smooth, hot and sexy flaming vibe, it’s tight, pure fire and dope. This is also a sick Promo clip that promotes Arok’s Clothing Brand “Driven Clothing” and advertises a few of the Products in our Store. This video was shot by @blogotti of Reflecting Visions and Staring Model @pho.tay.genic. Give this a watch and get yourself prepared and ready for the new Album “Exit 919” dropping this Friday!!!


Arok’s ~ “Exit 919” (Album)

Today is the day, the time has come and the wait is over, Arok’s ALL NEW album “Exit 919” just dropped TODAY is out now & available now on all Digital Media Platforms. If you liked what you heard from Arok’s past albums Drivenand Path of Least Resistance Well, just when you thought those were dope & fire in which they absolutely are , however it’s safe to say that you guys haven’t heard anything yet. Just wait until you hear “Exit 919” In this album Arok does his thing. This album is a short track album but it is a flaming HOT masterpiece & is full of nothing but pure bops. In this album Arok takes you to another level, it’s top notch! This album gives off many types of vibes, it’s pure HEAT, hard, tight, dope, groovy, deep, smooth & does have realness in it as well, Arok definitely put in work on this album, as always kills his verses an does an amazingly outstanding job on this album and by the end of the album, it’ll have you wondering …” WOW!! How much more amazingly awesome can Arok possibly get?!” The Driven Team is so beyond incredibly proud of you Arok!!! 


Arok Hill X Jacinda ~”Flex”

“Flex” is Arok’s  latest and most recently released track and is featured by Jacinda. In this track ***EXCEPT LANGUAGE IS ADVISED!!!*** as it has some explicit lyrics. This track puts off a smooth and catchy sound and vibe, it goes hard and is tight. In this track Arok and Jacinda talk all about flexing for your significant others and or boyfriends\girlfriends and also making bands.


Chzn X Arok Hill ~ “East Side” (Visual)

“East Side” is yet another one of Arok’s latest released Featured hit Singles by Chzn and was Produced by the incredibly talented Chzn himself.  This anthem gives such a hard, dope, so tight yet, catchy kinda vibe. It’s just pure fire, it’s sick! In this track Chzn and Arok talk about Girls and having them come over to the East Side, slide through and come chill with them for a weekend. This is a perfect Summer jam to be blairing out and vibing to.  If you don’t catch a vibe while blaring out to this song, then Arok and the Team aren’t sure what to tell you!!! ;)P


Arok Hill X Asazn ~ “Spigital EP”

The “Spigital” EP is Arok’s newest yet his latest released project which is Featured by Asazn. It’s a small three track, Hip-Hip\Rap album. This EP is an absolute banger masterpiece of pure FIRE, dope, and it’s so hard all in one and will for sure get all of you vibing and hyped.


Arok Hill X Asazn ~ “Elevated”

“Elevated” is one of Arok’s latest Single forthcoming from Arok’s newest EP Featuring Asazn called “Spigital” .Spiritual is a small Hip-Hip\Rap EP ! This track and the entire EP is an absolute banger yet a masterpiece of pure fire , it’s so hard and will have you all so hyped. In this track Arok and Asazn talk about getting elevated on higher levels.


Arok Hill ~ “Different Level” (Audio)

“Different Level” is yet another one of Arok’s latest released Singles and it is fire yet dope as he goes hard and IN with this one, straight KILLING it, going bar for bar in this track. In this track Arok talks about how he’s on a different level than most and on a whole new other level. He also talks about continuing to stack his money, continuing to stay driven while continuing to grind, hustle, and remain successful. This track should get you all motivated. Remember, to ALWAYS Get in Gear and to ALWAYS Stay Driven!!!


Arok Hill ~ “Animals” (Audio)

“Animals” is another one of Arok’s latest released anthems. This track is fire yet dope and puts off a smooth yet a catchy sound that makes the entire track go hard. This track talks about those Animals that are always begging Arok’s advice, imitating him, and about how he can’t be subject to them and or their fears. He explains how he would rather be a Koala so he can squill and make excuses for not having to deal with them but for the ones that keep it real, well it’s a few of them.


Arok Hill ~ East Coast Forever (Audio)

“East coast Forever” is one of Arok’s latest released Singles and is Produced by Rob Kelly. This track is pure fire, dope and goes so hard as Arok is forever killing his verses, going bars for bars, always doing his thing and producing banger after banger, hit after hit when it comes to music. This track talks about how he will forever rep the East Coast and his former team he called “East Coast Elite” and how he will forever hustle, grind hard and put on for himself as well as the team.


Glace Azuka ~ “Tell Me Sorry” Featuring Arok Hill (Audio)

“Tell Me Sorry” is one of Arok’s latest Featured Singles that is forthcoming from GlaceAzuka’s latest EP called “Onitsha”. This track gives a very different but a very unique style, a Nigerian style and is a very smooth yet groovy track. This track is very deep and real with a very catchy sound. In this track Arok uses his Nigerian accent and talks about his Nigerian culture in Africa and about how making money in his country isn’t always the easiest.


*Arok’s ~ “Strength” LIVE Performance Video “African unity 2019”

Recently Arok decides to give you all a  double dose of special treats with releasing an all new single called “Strength” playing in this video as it is a LIVE performance at the latest Event, The African Unity 2019, Courtesy of African Diaspora Coalition of North Carolina. Both the track and video is  pure fire and dope as Arok is always killing it and doing his things!! The track itself gives out the smoothest vibe. This video was shot and Produced by Rick Mills Production. Watch it now and enjoy!!!


Arok’s ~ “Resonate” Official Music Video

The Official Music Video “Resonate” forthcoming from Arok’s newly released album “Path of the Least Resistance” released Today and is finally here!!! This video was Produced by KMack Films, Remington and, ANT Bear of the Urban Gorillas team. In this track Arok talks all about resonating within himself and how he doesn’t resonate, and about how you should always choose the path and or always do what resonates YOU!!! This video is FIRE, dope and goes HARD and Arok kills it!!! See for yourself, give it a watch and enjoy!!!


Arok ~ “Speaks to kids about Entrepreneurship!!” (Visual)

Arok’s goal is to be a great example that we can manifest anything we want, if we’re willing to work hard for it. Recently, Arok paid a visit to Centennial Middle School to teach their kids about entrepreneurship. This video is such a very inspiring, inspirational, touching, beautiful, and it’s so very heartwarming. Give it a watch now and watch it give your heart a smile!!! 🙂 This video was Produced by KDVizuals. Enjoy!!!


Arok’s ~ Peace Sign Official Music Video

The Official “Peace Sign” Music Video forthcoming from Arok’s latest album “Path of the Least Resistance”  is here!! This is Arok’s newest video release. and was Produced by Kmack Films and Merch Johnson 40/50 Vision. This video is dope and is a chilled out vibed video and you should get hyped watching it! See for yourself, give it a watch and enjoy!!!



Arok Hill ~ “Love Me Back” *Live Performance @ NCCU Law “African Night”

“Love Me Back” is a Single forthcoming from Arok’s “Path of least Resistance” Album. This track is dope, fire, yet it’s deep and smooth. This video is a LIVE Performance and was Produced by KD Visuals and Shot at NCCU Law during African Night. In this track Arok talks about how people and things can’t and or don’t love him back and how he wants some love back.


Arok’s ~ “The Path of the Least Resistance Album”

February 10, 2019“The Path of the Least Resistance Album ” finally released. This is a R&B\Urban style album. This album is pure fire and is filled with dope, soft, soulful, motivational and inspiring vibed tracks and of course Arok goes hard and does his thing YET AGAIN Purchase your copy on CD Baby or on all Digital Streaming Platforms now and enjoy!!!


Arok’s ~ “Staying Power” Official Music Video

Recently, as the one and the only Arok Hill has been behind the scenes working hard to prepare his newest Album Release  called  “The Path of the Least Resistance” DROPPING TODAY… February 10, 2019… He also brings to his newest Music Video Release called “Staying Power” with the lovely Akeria Starring.  As the new Album and Music Video are his first two releases of 2019, He has many other projects in store!! “Staying Power” is a single forthcoming from the new album. This track and video is very soulful, soft, touching, beautiful, powerful and inspiring and, it’s more than just dope, it’s fire! In this track Arok talks all about Staying Power and about how He and Akeria share as well as have pure Staying Powers. This video was Directed by Only Notes and TMG production. Give it a watch and enjoy!!!





Arok’s Interview with Hot 97.9’s Bernie Okoroji Oh

Recently, Bernie Okoroji Oh! from Hot 97.9’s Radio Station of Raleigh, NC sits down with the one and only Artist\Producer/Designer\Entrepreneur Arok Hill for an exclusive interview about his upcoming project “The Path of Last Resistance”, Clothing Line dropping this summer & MORE!!! This Interview is too dope! Give it a watch to find out MORE! You might just hear something that you didn’t know about. Enjoy!!





Arok’s ~ ”Driven EP.”

After a long wait, the awaiting has finally came to an end!!! TODAY, April 7, 2018, Arok is excited as well as pumped to announce the Release of his latest yet newest EP in a while yet his first EP of 2028!!! The “Driven EP” has arrived!!! This is an R&B/Soul EP filled with Motivational Music for those with BIG dreams to stay Driven!!! This EP is pure fire, too dope yet, it’s filled of positivity and good vibes to keep you motivated!!! Purchase your copy of Arok’s “Driven EP” Here and on all Musical platforms TODAY…NOW, Get in Gear and Stay Driven and enjoy!!!


Arok’s~ “Motivation Music” (Audio)

Motivation Music is a smash hit Single fourth coming from one of Arok’s recently released Album’s Motivation Music. This track is a smooth, sick, dope yet it’s a flaming track. This track is one that will get you all hyped,pumped up and in a motivational mood. The “Motivation Music” Album  is available everywhere, on all Musical Platforms!!! Purchase your copy TODAY and Enjoy!!!


Arok’s – “Avalanche” (Audio)

Arok brings to you, his newest and latest release “Avalanche.” This is a more smoother, soft to the soul, vibed out anthem yet it’s dope and more of a vocal record. This track touches on the complications of Romantic Relationships, about Loving yourself without being selfish and Loving your partner without losing yourself. This track was produced by Glace Azuka as well as Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Kompass Studios.


Arok’s “Already’- Official Music Video”

Arok releases his newest single “Already” fourth coming from his new album “Driven” coming soon. He brings us the song AND the “Already” Official Music Video ALL at the same time! His hustle and grind never stops!!! Just like the song, this video is hype, yet smooth. #TooDope Arok gets to WHYL’N and cutting up throughout the video.  It will get you hype & motivated yourself! This video was Created by Triangle Multi-Media Group.Give it a watch and enjoy!!!


Arok’s – “John Deer” Audio

It’s been a while since we’re heard from Arok but here He brings to you, his newest & latest Single  “John Deer”  Boy, He plays NO games in this one & brings to you, a smooth, tight, dope yet, pure flaming & vibed out banger anthem. This song should get or have Everyone hyped by the end of it. In this song, Arok talks all about how no one should never underestimate his or their effort, as he does things in 3’s & inJohn Deer Style”   This song gives out pure positive, motivational & inspirational vibes, & nothing but simply like those “John Deer” style vibes.  In this track Arok, overflows, spits, spazzes, snaps, & goes in HARD with sick yet tight verses. Overall this song is simply just a great track & is Produced by the one & the only Arok Hill himself.  Check it out now, get your “John Deer” Swag on TODAY & enjoy!!!


Trevor Lanier & Arok – “Palms Up” Official Video (Visual)

After a LONG wait, the official “Palms Up” Music Video  by Trevor Lanier and Arok of First_NFlight is finally here!!! It is a creative Documentary style video of the FNF team on the move!! This video was Endorsed By Witch Hunt USA and New Hits Daily as well as Shot and Edited By Marshall Louis of Witch Hunt USA. Check it out now and enjoy!!!


Arok’s – “Motivated Feat. Trevor Lanier & Deon Boston (Audio)


Arok brings to you, his latest release and collaboration “Motivated” that features Trevor Lanier of First_NFlight and Deon Boston all the way from (ATL) Atlanta, GA. This track brings you smooth, dope, & positive  vibes. In this track they speak about staying motivated in making it to the top with their music. It also shares feelings about making money as well as how everyone should\needs to stay motivated with everything that you want to accomplish in life. When staying motivated you CAN DO anything you put your mind to and you should never let anyone tell you that “You can’t” do something that you want to accomplish in life! This track was Produced by Glace Azuka. Check it out, peep it now, get inspired and enjoy!!


Arok’s – “Clones” (Audio)

Arok himself brings to you “Clones” his latest single. This track has a different, smooth style but is a dope anthem. In this track Arok talks about how people should be different and how no one should be scared to be different. This track was Produced by Glace Azuka and Recorded, Mixed, and Masted at you’re very own Kompass Studios. Give it a listen now and enjoy.

Lance S. ~“Love is Never Painless” Feat. Arok Hill

“Love is Never Painless” is the latest collaboration Single, just released today featuring the one and only Arok Hill by Lance S. In this track Lance and Arok talk about love never being painless. This track is a Hip-Hop\Rap style type of anthem. This track is a smooth yet groovy anthem. Lance and Arok put in work throughout this track and smash their verses. This track goes hard, it’s so tight, it’s fire and dope. Check it out now, give it a listen and enjoy!!

LuvMacJr ~Number One” Feat. Arok Hill

“Number One” is the second release of a double release on this Valentine’s Day and is yet another anthem for everyone to vibe along with on this Valentine’s Day. This track is a collaboration by LuvMacJr featuring the one and only King Arok. This track has both African as well as Reggae Island style type vibes. This track is a smooth but groovy jam yet, it’s tight and dope as well. In this track LuvMacJr and Arok talk about asking their special girls if they can be their special girl’s “Number One” as well as talks about them wanting to be their special girl’s lover. Check out now, catch a vibe to vibe along and enjoy.

Arok Hill ~ “Pass The Mic” @ Franklin St. *Chapel Hill NC

This Wednesday September 29th, 2021 Come out to see Arok and the gang; Rastaa, Scotty The Foolile and many other talented artists perform LIVE as they’ll be once again taking the show on the road this time to Chapel Hill NC. Come out to watch Arok and the gang put on an epic dope show as it is going to be loaded with flaming hot, feel good music, great vibes and positive energy. This event will be Hosted by Party Boy and Music will be by DJ Zulu and will be $10 Admission. We hope to see you all there!….Don’t miss out!

Arok ~ Performing Live With Rastaa in Charlotte @ The Shop 704

This video is Footage from Arok’s recent Show performing Live in Charlotte, NC with Rastaa.. The event was Sponsored by Povicworld as well as Hosted by Homegirl Hostess Tyralen featuring DJ RNB and this video was Directed by Driven Studios. In this video Arok performs hits from his latest album “Exit 919” The tracks he performs include: Trawick” “Sasuke” and “Mind at Ease”. Once again, Arok kills his performances as they’re fire.. This video goes hard, it’s tight, and dope and it’s sure have you all vibing out catching a vibe and singing along by the end of it. Watch it now, catch a vibe or two, and enjoy!!!

Arok ~ Performing Live @ Rastaa’s Touché Album Release

This video is LIVE Footage of Arok performing LIVE at Rastaa’s Touché Album Release.  This event was be Hosted by Brandi Roberts featuring DJ RNB. In this video Arok performs hits from his latest album “Exit 919” The tracks he performs include: “Sasuke”, Mind at Ease, and “Trawick” Arok kills his performances as this video is straight fire and it’s dope and will definitely have all of you vibing out and hyped up by the end of it. This video was Directed by Driven Studios. Give it a watch, check it out and enjoy!!!

“Rastaa & Friends” @ GMCC Digital

On August 14th, 2021 come out to watch Rastaa and his friends as they will be taking the show on the road once again to Durham, NC. Come turn it up with Rastaa & his friends as they put on a flaming HOT, awesome show with performances by Rastaa himself along with Special Guests appearances by the one and only Arok Hill, Scotty The Foolie and many other talented artists. The event will be Sponsored by Povicworld as well as Hosted by Bee Nicole and Music by DRK MTTR. This show will begin at 8:00PM and ticket Admission will be $10. We hope to see you all there and we hope you all enjoy the show!!