Arok Hill ~ “Driven 2” – The Album

Today, October 23rd, 2021 Arok released an all new brand new album which is volume 2 of Driven the album. As the first Driven album is already such an incredible motivational album filled with flaming hot, dope, great music. Arok just continues taking things UP to newer and higher levels and in Driven 2 Arok does just that!! As Driven 2 the album is pure fire from beginning to end.  Arok goes in and goes extremely hard throughout this entire album, kills it as well as puts in the work on this project. Driven 2 the album is filled with nothing but banger anthems. Driven 2 the album is a mixture of African style type vibes and freestyle type music and vibes. Check it out now, see for yourself, vibe out and enjoy!! 

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