Arok’s ~ “Exit 919” (Album)

Today is the day, the time has come and the wait is over, Arok’s ALL NEW album “Exit 919” just dropped TODAY is out now & available now on all Digital Media Platforms. If you liked what you heard from Arok’s past albums Drivenand Path of Least Resistance Well, just when you thought those were dope & fire in which they absolutely are , however it’s safe to say that you guys haven’t heard anything yet. Just wait until you hear “Exit 919” In this album Arok does his thing. This album is a short track album but it is a flaming HOT masterpiece & is full of nothing but pure bops. In this album Arok takes you to another level, it’s top notch! This album gives off many types of vibes, it’s pure HEAT, hard, tight, dope, groovy, deep, smooth & does have realness in it as well, Arok definitely put in work on this album, as always kills his verses an does an amazingly outstanding job on this album and by the end of the album, it’ll have you wondering …” WOW!! How much more amazingly awesome can Arok possibly get?!” The Driven Team is so beyond incredibly proud of you Arok!!! 

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