*Raleigh’s* Official Rastaa § Friends Tour Kick Off @ The Pour House Music Hall

This event will be held on August 31st, 2022. This event will begin at 8pm until 11pm and will be $10/$15. This event will be Hosted by Bernie Oh with Sounds by DJ JMar. There will also be live interviews by Chubbz also held at the event. The very talented Rastaa Rastaa will be performing with Special Guests Arok Hill. There will be food provided at the event by Fire Eats. Purchase your tickets here and come out watch all the performers put on an amazing show and vibe along to the music and enjoy!!

Caribmask Raleigh NC Caribbean Carnival 2022

The Caribmask Caribbean Raleigh NC Carnival will be held August 18th-21st 2022. This event is a 4 day event with 6 events going on and free entry. There will be good food there to eat, games and fun at the carnival with live music performances by the one and only Arok Hill and many other amazing talented artists. Come out and have a fun filled time and enjoy some outstanding music.For more information about this event visit www.caribmask.com .


Arok Hill x Blesstoimpress ~ Selfies Official Music Video

Arok just released the official music video for “Selfies” today. Selfies is a fourth coming Single from Arok’s latest album “Driven 2” featuring Blesstoimpress. This video was shot by 2800 Films. This video & track gives off an African style and vibe that is fire. This video is smooth, it’s tight and so dope, as Arok and Blesstoimpress are looking so fresh and clean in this video with some beautiful ladies. In this video Arok and Blesstoimpress are doing their thing and just having fun, as this video is hard and they kill it. Give it a watch, see for yourself and check it out now and vibe out to the music and enjoy!!!


Arok Hill X Asazn X CHZN ~ ” Spigital 2″ – The EP

On July 15th 2022, Arok,Asazn and CHZN team up together to bring to you their latest Collaboration…Just released and dropped today, they bring to you their latest masterpiece of work. The second volume of The Spigital EP. Spigital 2 is a mini Hip-Hop\Rap tape. This tape is smooth, soft, it’s tight and it’s dope but yet, even though it’s smooth and soft, of coarse they still manage to drop bombs of barz and FIRE throughout this tape. Arok, Asazn, and CHZN definitely put in amazing work into this Collaboration tape and kill it entirely. See for yourself, give it a listen, check it out now and enjoy!!

Lance S. ~“Love is Never Painless” Feat. Arok Hill

“Love is Never Painless” is the latest collaboration Single, just released today featuring the one and only Arok Hill by Lance S. In this track Lance and Arok talk about love never being painless. This track is a Hip-Hop\Rap style type of anthem. This track is a smooth yet groovy anthem. Lance and Arok put in work throughout this track and smash their verses. This track goes hard, it’s so tight, it’s fire and dope. Check it out now, give it a listen and enjoy!!

LuvMacJr ~Number One” Feat. Arok Hill

“Number One” is the second release of a double release on this Valentine’s Day and is yet another anthem for everyone to vibe along with on this Valentine’s Day. This track is a collaboration by LuvMacJr featuring the one and only King Arok. This track has both African as well as Reggae Island style type vibes. This track is a smooth but groovy jam yet, it’s tight and dope as well. In this track LuvMacJr and Arok talk about asking their special girls if they can be their special girl’s “Number One” as well as talks about them wanting to be their special girl’s lover. Check out now, catch a vibe to vibe along and enjoy.


Arok Hill ~”Kum Home”

As some of you may know, Arok recently decided to take a little break from music for the past few months. As he’s now returned from break and is back at it again with his first Single release and has put together a special treat for everyone, as it’s the perfect anthem for everyone to vibe out to on this Valentine’s Day. “Kum Home” gives off an R&B/ Soulful type vibe and it’s also a very HOT and sexy jam. This track is soft, very smooth, tight, dope yet most of all, it’s very spicy. In this song Arok talks about a girl and about wanting to leave the arguments alone and how he can’t wait for her to come home. Also in this track he also talks about some things he wants to do with this special girl when she gets home. 😉 This track is NOT for kids as EXPLICIT LANGUAGE IS ADVISED!!! Check it out now, vibe out and get things all spiced up for you and your significant other on this Valentine’s Day and enjoy!!!