Arok’s ~ “Exit 919” (Album)

Today is the day, the time has come and the wait is over, Arok’s ALL NEW album “Exit 919” just dropped TODAY is out now & available now on all Digital Media Platforms. If you liked what you heard from Arok’s past albums Drivenand Path of Least Resistance Well, just when you thought those were dope & fire in which they absolutely are , however it’s safe to say that you guys haven’t heard anything yet. Just wait until you hear “Exit 919” In this album Arok does his thing. This album is a short track album but it is a flaming HOT masterpiece & is full of nothing but pure bops. In this album Arok takes you to another level, it’s top notch! This album gives off many types of vibes, it’s pure HEAT, hard, tight, dope, groovy, deep, smooth & does have realness in it as well, Arok definitely put in work on this album, as always kills his verses an does an amazingly outstanding job on this album and by the end of the album, it’ll have you wondering …” WOW!! How much more amazingly awesome can Arok possibly get?!” The Driven Team is so beyond incredibly proud of you Arok!!! 


Arok Hill ~ Get Naked

“Get Naked” is the first Single released forthcoming from Arok’s Brand NEW Album called “Exit 919″ dropping this Friday, December 18th 2020!!! This track gives a smooth, hot and sexy flaming vibe, it’s tight, pure fire and dope. This is also a sick Promo clip that promotes Arok’s Clothing Brand “Driven Clothing” and advertises a few of the Products in our Store. This video was shot by @blogotti of Reflecting Visions and Staring Model @pho.tay.genic. Give this a watch and get yourself prepared and ready for the new Album “Exit 919” dropping this Friday!!!

Royal Lif3 X Arok Hill ~ “ Circles” (Audio)

“Circles” is yet another one of Arok’s latest Featured Anthems by Royal Lif3 . This one is an extra special treat, as he teamed up with his new Music Manager of their very own Team “Driven Records” to put together this epic collaboration . This track is so fire it’s tight and they go hard on their verses, literally bar for bar and kill this one!!! In this track Royal Lif3 and  Arok talk all about chasing money around in circles while continuing to hustle, grind and remain Driven. This track should have you all hyped and get you all Motivated.


Arok Hill X Jacinda ~”Flex”

“Flex” is Arok’s  latest and most recently released track and is featured by Jacinda. In this track ***EXCEPT LANGUAGE IS ADVISED!!!*** as it has some explicit lyrics. This track puts off a smooth and catchy sound and vibe, it goes hard and is tight. In this track Arok and Jacinda talk all about flexing for your significant others and or boyfriends\girlfriends and also making bands.


Chzn X Arok Hill ~ “East Side” (Visual)

“East Side” is yet another one of Arok’s latest released Featured hit Singles by Chzn and was Produced by the incredibly talented Chzn himself.  This anthem gives such a hard, dope, so tight yet, catchy kinda vibe. It’s just pure fire, it’s sick! In this track Chzn and Arok talk about Girls and having them come over to the East Side, slide through and come chill with them for a weekend. This is a perfect Summer jam to be blairing out and vibing to.  If you don’t catch a vibe while blaring out to this song, then Arok and the Team aren’t sure what to tell you!!! ;)P

African King Productions Facebook LIVE Interview with Arok X Uzo

Recently, the one and only Arok Hill sat down and interviewed with Uzo of African King Productions on FaceBook LIVE. In this interview Uzo and Arok discuss Arok’s new, recently launched Clothing Brand: DrivenClo, LLC, as well about Arok the Artist and talk about his music. This interview is fire, it’s lit, and dope. See for yourself and check it out here!!!


Arok Hill X Asazn ~ “Spigital EP”

The “Spigital” EP is Arok’s newest yet his latest released project which is Featured by Asazn. It’s a small three track, Hip-Hip\Rap album. This EP is an absolute banger masterpiece of pure FIRE, dope, and it’s so hard all in one and will for sure get all of you vibing and hyped.


Arok Hill X Asazn ~ “Elevated”

“Elevated” is one of Arok’s latest Single forthcoming from Arok’s newest EP Featuring Asazn called “Spigital” .Spiritual is a small Hip-Hip\Rap EP ! This track and the entire EP is an absolute banger yet a masterpiece of pure fire , it’s so hard and will have you all so hyped. In this track Arok and Asazn talk about getting elevated on higher levels.