*Arok’s ~ “Strength” LIVE Performance Video “African unity 2019”

Recently Arok decides to give you all a  double dose of special treats with releasing an all new single called “Strength” playing in this video as it is a LIVE performance at the latest Event, The African Unity 2019, Courtesy of African Diaspora Coalition of North Carolina. Both the track and video is  pure fire and dope as Arok is always killing it and doing his things!! The track itself gives out the smoothest vibe. This video was shot and Produced by Rick Mills Production. Watch it now and enjoy!!!


Arok’s ~ “Resonate” Official Music Video

The Official Music Video “Resonate” forthcoming from Arok’s newly released album “Path of the Least Resistance” released Today and is finally here!!! This video was Produced by KMack Films, Remington and, ANT Bear of the Urban Gorillas team. In this track Arok talks all about resonating within himself and how he doesn’t resonate, and about how you should always choose the path and or always do what resonates YOU!!! This video is FIRE, dope and goes HARD and Arok kills it!!! See for yourself, give it a watch and enjoy!!!

Arok ~ “African Unity 2019” @ Holshouser

On Saturday June 1st come out to help Arok celebrate African Unity with africans in the Diaspora. This Event will be Hosted by DJ KShift. The Event will be $35 to get in and children under 12 are FREE!!! There will be dinner, dance, special performances by Arok and a few other special talented artists as well as a Guest Speaker. Please make sure to RSVP!!! We hope to see you all there to have some fun and a great time!!


Arok ~ “Speaks to kids about Entrepreneurship!!” (Visual)

Arok’s goal is to be a great example that we can manifest anything we want, if we’re willing to work hard for it. Recently, Arok paid a visit to Centennial Middle School to teach their kids about entrepreneurship. This video is such a very inspiring, inspirational, touching, beautiful, and it’s so very heartwarming. Give it a watch now and watch it give your heart a smile!!! 🙂 This video was Produced by KDVizuals. Enjoy!!!


Arok’s ~ Peace Sign Official Music Video

The Official “Peace Sign” Music Video forthcoming from Arok’s latest album “Path of the Least Resistance”  is here!! This is Arok’s newest video release. and was Produced by Kmack Films and Merch Johnson 40/50 Vision. This video is dope and is a chilled out vibed video and you should get hyped watching it! See for yourself, give it a watch and enjoy!!!



Arok’s ~ “The Path of the Least Resistance Album”

February 10, 2019“The Path of the Least Resistance Album ” finally released. This is a R&B\Urban style album. This album is pure fire and is filled with dope, soft, soulful, motivational and inspiring vibed tracks and of course Arok goes hard and does his thing YET AGAIN Purchase your copy on CD Baby or on all Digital Streaming Platforms now and enjoy!!!


Arok’s ~ “Staying Power” Official Music Video

Recently, as the one and the only Arok Hill has been behind the scenes working hard to prepare his newest Album Release  called  “The Path of the Least Resistance” DROPPING TODAY… February 10, 2019… He also brings to his newest Music Video Release called “Staying Power” with the lovely Akeria Starring.  As the new Album and Music Video are his first two releases of 2019, He has many other projects in store!! “Staying Power” is a single forthcoming from the new album. This track and video is very soulful, soft, touching, beautiful, powerful and inspiring and, it’s more than just dope, it’s fire! In this track Arok talks all about Staying Power and about how He and Akeria share as well as have pure Staying Powers. This video was Directed by Only Notes and TMG production. Give it a watch and enjoy!!!





Arok’s Interview with Hot 97.9’s Bernie Okoroji Oh

Recently, Bernie Okoroji Oh! from Hot 97.9’s Radio Station of Raleigh, NC sits down with the one and only Artist\Producer/Designer\Entrepreneur Arok Hill for an exclusive interview about his upcoming project “The Path of Last Resistance”, Clothing Line dropping this summer & MORE!!! This Interview is too dope! Give it a watch to find out MORE! You might just hear something that you didn’t know about. Enjoy!!




Trevor Lanier’s ~ “God Can See Us” Feat. Shinobi Orwell

After a good while of being quite behind the scenes, Trevor is back at work in the studio with his newest collaboration ”God Can See Us” Featuring Shinobi Orwell,  the First Single forthcoming off their upcoming EP called “516”. This track is Produced by Yondo and the Artwork was designed by @wizzadaking  on Instagram. This song is a smooth and vibed out track. Check it out now and enjoy!!