Arok’s – “John Deer” Audio

It’s been a while since we’re heard from Arok but here He brings to you, his newest & latest Single  “John Deer”  Boy, He plays NO games in this one & brings to you, a smooth, tight, dope yet, pure flaming & vibed out banger anthem. This song should get or have Everyone hyped by the end of it. In this song, Arok talks all about how no one should never underestimate his or their effort, as he does things in 3’s & inJohn Deer Style”   This song gives out pure positive, motivational & inspirational vibes, & nothing but simply like those “John Deer” style vibes.  In this track Arok, overflows, spits, spazzes, snaps, & goes in HARD with sick yet tight verses. Overall this song is simply just a great track & is Produced by the one & the only Arok Hill himself.  Check it out now, get your “John Deer” Swag on TODAY & enjoy!!!

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