Arok Hill X Asazn X CHZN ~ ” Spigital 2″ – The EP

On July 15th 2022, Arok,Asazn and CHZN team up together to bring to you their latest Collaboration…Just released and dropped today, they bring to you their latest masterpiece of work. The second volume of The Spigital EP. Spigital 2 is a mini Hip-Hop\Rap tape. This tape is smooth, soft, it’s tight and it’s dope but yet, even though it’s smooth and soft, of coarse they still manage to drop bombs of barz and FIRE throughout this tape. Arok, Asazn, and CHZN definitely put in amazing work into this Collaboration tape and kill it entirely. See for yourself, give it a listen, check it out now and enjoy!!


Arok Hill ~ “Driven 2” – The Album

Today, October 23rd, 2021 Arok released an all new brand new album which is volume 2 of Driven the album. As the first Driven album is already such an incredible motivational album filled with flaming hot, dope, great music. Arok just continues taking things UP to newer and higher levels and in Driven 2 Arok does just that!! As Driven 2 the album is pure fire from beginning to end.  Arok goes in and goes extremely hard throughout this entire album, kills it as well as puts in the work on this project. Driven 2 the album is filled with nothing but banger anthems. Driven 2 the album is a mixture of African style type vibes and freestyle type music and vibes. Check it out now, see for yourself, vibe out and enjoy!! 


Arok’s ~ “Exit 919” (Album)

Today is the day, the time has come and the wait is over, Arok’s ALL NEW album “Exit 919” just dropped TODAY is out now & available now on all Digital Media Platforms. If you liked what you heard from Arok’s past albums Drivenand Path of Least Resistance Well, just when you thought those were dope & fire in which they absolutely are , however it’s safe to say that you guys haven’t heard anything yet. Just wait until you hear “Exit 919” In this album Arok does his thing. This album is a short track album but it is a flaming HOT masterpiece & is full of nothing but pure bops. In this album Arok takes you to another level, it’s top notch! This album gives off many types of vibes, it’s pure HEAT, hard, tight, dope, groovy, deep, smooth & does have realness in it as well, Arok definitely put in work on this album, as always kills his verses an does an amazingly outstanding job on this album and by the end of the album, it’ll have you wondering …” WOW!! How much more amazingly awesome can Arok possibly get?!” The Driven Team is so beyond incredibly proud of you Arok!!! 


Arok Hill X Asazn ~ “Spigital EP”

The “Spigital” EP is Arok’s newest yet his latest released project which is Featured by Asazn. It’s a small three track, Hip-Hip\Rap album. This EP is an absolute banger masterpiece of pure FIRE, dope, and it’s so hard all in one and will for sure get all of you vibing and hyped.


Arok’s ~ “The Path of the Least Resistance Album”

February 10, 2019“The Path of the Least Resistance Album ” finally released. This is a R&B\Urban style album. This album is pure fire and is filled with dope, soft, soulful, motivational and inspiring vibed tracks and of course Arok goes hard and does his thing YET AGAIN Purchase your copy on CD Baby or on all Digital Streaming Platforms now and enjoy!!!


Arok’s ~ ”Driven EP.”

After a long wait, the awaiting has finally came to an end!!! TODAY, April 7, 2018, Arok is excited as well as pumped to announce the Release of his latest yet newest EP in a while yet his first EP of 2028!!! The “Driven EP” has arrived!!! This is an R&B/Soul EP filled with Motivational Music for those with BIG dreams to stay Driven!!! This EP is pure fire, too dope yet, it’s filled of positivity and good vibes to keep you motivated!!! Purchase your copy of Arok’s “Driven EP” Here and on all Musical platforms TODAY…NOW, Get in Gear and Stay Driven and enjoy!!!

“The KickBack EP” – GLACE AZUKA *Instrumental EP*

GLACE AZUKA has put in work in the studio and has worked hard to put together something special just for all you music lovers out there! “The KickBack EP” is an Instrumental EP. Need beats?! This EP is the perfect solution for you and is just what you need! These Instramentals go hard, they’re smooth, fire, and dope!!! Check it out above and enjoy! For Serious Inquiries about Instrumentals, please contact glaceazuka@gmail.com.

A.T.E. Aaron The Enigma’s -“Aaron Vs Everybody” *VS* Album”


After a long wait, what we’ve all been waiting for is finally here at last… A.T.E.’’s latest Album “Aaron Vs Everybody” *VS*” is offically OUT NOW!!! This album is straight fire, it’s sick, yet dope! This album was Recorded at Kompass Studios and Mixed & Mastered by Arok Hill. Get you’re own copy of  “Aaron Vs Everybody” *VS*” TODAY here and enjoy!!!

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