Arok Hill ~ “Different Level” (Audio)

“Different Level” is yet another one of Arok’s latest released Singles and it is fire yet dope as he goes hard and IN with this one, straight KILLING it, going bar for bar in this track. In this track Arok talks about how he’s on a different level than most and on a whole new other level. He also talks about continuing to stack his money, continuing to stay driven while continuing to grind, hustle, and remain successful. This track should get you all motivated. Remember, to ALWAYS Get in Gear and to ALWAYS Stay Driven!!!

Arok Hill ~ “Animals” (Audio)

“Animals” is another one of Arok’s latest released anthems. This track is fire yet dope and puts off a smooth yet a catchy sound that makes the entire track go hard. This track talks about those Animals that are always begging Arok’s advice, imitating him, and about how he can’t be subject to them and or their fears. He explains how he would rather be a Koala so he can squill and make excuses for not having to deal with them but for the ones that keep it real, well it’s a few of them.

Arok Hill ~ East Coast Forever (Audio)

“East coast Forever” is one of Arok’s latest released Singles and is Produced by Rob Kelly. This track is pure fire, dope and goes so hard as Arok is forever killing his verses, going bars for bars, always doing his thing and producing banger after banger, hit after hit when it comes to music. This track talks about how he will forever rep the East Coast and his former team he called “East Coast Elite” and how he will forever hustle, grind hard and put on for himself as well as the team.

Glace Azuka ~ “Tell Me Sorry” Featuring Arok Hill (Audio)

“Tell Me Sorry” is one of Arok’s latest Featured Singles that is forthcoming from GlaceAzuka’s latest EP called “Onitsha”. This track gives a very different but a very unique style, a Nigerian style and is a very smooth yet groovy track. This track is very deep and real with a very catchy sound. In this track Arok uses his Nigerian accent and talks about his Nigerian culture in Africa and about how making money in his country isn’t always the easiest.

MyNameIsHenni X Arok Hill ~ “Remember” (Audio)

“Remember” is yet another one of Arok’s Featured Release Singles by Henni. This track comes from Henni’s latest, new album called “Ralanta”   This track has a smooth and catchy vibe as Henni and Arok team up and put together this masterpiece of an absolute banger anthem. It goes so hard, it’s fire!!! Arok and Henni straight up go off in this one with their verses, going bar for bar and they kill it in this one. This track is a real and deep one as  they reminisce about people outside their life and wonder if they remember what they meant to them.

“These Days” is yet another one of Arok’s Feature Releases by Henni. This is a Single that comes from Henni’s Debut Album “Henni Thing Goes” Henni and Arok team up once again and bring you all another dope collaboration   In this track Henni and Arok talk about how people and things use to be, to how they are These Days.

*Arok’s ~ “Strength” LIVE Performance Video “African unity 2019”

Recently Arok decides to give you all a  double dose of special treats with releasing an all new single called “Strength” playing in this video as it is a LIVE performance at the latest Event, The African Unity 2019, Courtesy of African Diaspora Coalition of North Carolina. Both the track and video is  pure fire and dope as Arok is always killing it and doing his things!! The track itself gives out the smoothest vibe. This video was shot and Produced by Rick Mills Production. Watch it now and enjoy!!!

Arok’s ~ “Resonate” Official Music Video

The Official Music Video “Resonate” forthcoming from Arok’s newly released album “Path of the Least Resistance” released Today and is finally here!!! This video was Produced by KMack Films, Remington and, ANT Bear of the Urban Gorillas team. In this track Arok talks all about resonating within himself and how he doesn’t resonate, and about how you should always choose the path and or always do what resonates YOU!!! This video is FIRE, dope and goes HARD and Arok kills it!!! See for yourself, give it a watch and enjoy!!!